An easy-to-use innovative technology platform for Hospital Automation


There is a lot of difference between running a hospital and running a hospital profitably. For the efficient management of hospitals, multiple challenge exist like cash flow mismatch, delay in discharge, doctor relations etc.

SMART-HIS is a flexible, affordable and intuitive software automation system that automates clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), administrative and inventory functions. It can integrate all your departments from pharmacies, diagnostic labs, branches and collection centres spread across different geographic locations giving you an integrated view of your business. Our system architecture is so flexible that you can choose the parameters that matters most to you.

  • Maximise revenue

    • Recognize the highest revenue earners in your hospitals with powerful dashboards.
    • Efficient inventory management with reduced wastage.
    • Day to day tracking of hospital functions.
  • Enhance productivity

    • Integrate different departments in patient’s ecosystem to facilitate an improved care.
    • Empower doctors with patient history at the finger tips to reduce diagnosis time
      for each patient.
  • Reduce complexity

    • Easy way to track
      and modify patient
    • Customized dashboards for the management, giving an overview of the parameters they want at the right time.



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