Empowers enterprises to make optimal use of IT to accomplish business objectives.


E- Commerce sales

Sales Applications to increase your revenue and return
on investment


ERP Software Development

Light weight ERPs to ensure process optimization and increased


Technology Consultation

Enables business to enhance performance, increase effectiveness, cut down cost and improve flexibility by facilitating strategic, functional and process transformation. Our consulting team pitches in, to find out and analyze the real business bottlenecks and thereafter suggests technical solutions which could avoid such holdups. Our software development team works towards the creation and implementation of the suggested technical solutions. Every time we recommend or develop an IT solution, we make sure that the same brings in a decent ROI to the business in the form of a reduced cost or increased revenue.

To ensure that the solution is established at an optimal cost, first we try to find out whether there are any open source or cost effective licensed products in the market, matching the customer’s needs. If exist, we try to fine tune the same, according the customer’s requirements. However, in certain scenarios the requirements would be so specific such that spending on software packages developed for the mass market may lead to wastage of time and money and customer's particular preferences and expectations are left unaddressed. In such case , we develop customized applications which directly address the real issues of the business by bringing in right and specific solutions. The nature of such applications can be stand alone or web based. Passing through an efficient SDLC coupled with a robust STLC and advanced quality assurance metrics, such applications have proved useful to clients across domains like Finance, Healthcare and Education.

Graphic Design

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Automation & Manual Testing

Legendary testing services to guarantee the release of sustain stable, reliable and dependable systems

Server Maintainance

Web Hosting Support, 24x7 Server Monitoring, Server Management & Hacking Attacks – Prevention

Automation & Manual Testing

Studies reveal that close to 35% of IT expenditure is being spent on testing. Today the Testing industry is challenged due to reduced time to market, aggressive timelines, Complex environments. Reizend IT Consultants is committed to offer legendary testing services, by modeling its testing methodology in accordance with respective commercial enterprise needs and thereby effectively addressing the market challenges. We use innovative practices which enable an organization to release a system with very less defect leakage. We support organizations to carry out End to End functional validation of systems under Test. Our Team does effective and innovative test planning & execution, thereby helping the organizations to release and sustain stable, reliable and dependable systems. We are skilled to carry out unit testing, system testing, Integration Testing, System Integration Testing, User acceptance testing and Pre production testing.

Reizend IT Consultants enables organizations to carry our effective testing on the IT infrastructure. We provide Test management and consultancy support for the End to End testing activity. Our expertise in the test strategy creation and consultation while its implementation, helps organization across locations to execute effective testing procedures. Automation testing is a specialized skill in testing domain. We have developed a framework in selenium - a freeware which would help customers in automating the testing of various software solutions. The competitive edge of this framework is that, it can replace the higher cost licensed versions. Our framework also ensures a smooth mechanism for the migration from any other existing framework.

Server Maintainance

Reizend IT Consultants provide Web Hosting Support, for sites hosted in almost all platforms and is specialized to work on all common control panels used for hosting with dedicated, VPS or shared servers. We handle Administration, Management and Server Hardening Security task for servers.

Web Hosting Support – We assists you to provide helpdesk support for your clients. If you own a hosting business, you can outsource your hosting support to Reizend. We provide support for your clients in an efficient way such that the support queries are responded in time and your service remains stable and dependable. We cater all forms of Linux/Windows Web Hosting Support hosted in almost all control panel and non-control panel servers. Our team is experienced in all kinds of administrative tasks in widely used control panels such as CPanel, Plesk, Webmin, Directadmin, kloxo and even with non- control panel servers too.

We can provide Level1,Level2 and Level3 support for your clients in the following activities :

  • Resetting Control Panel, User account Passwords
  • Backup / Restoration of Accounts.
  • Migration of Websites Accounts
  • Solving Mail Issues
  • Firewall, Server Scanning Checks
  • Apache, PHP Recompilation for Addition of Modules.
  • Service Upgradation
  • Upgrading Web Applications
  • Remote Windows Administration

We guarantee you a viable resolution, a quick response time for your entire support requests. We have experienced professional techies who can provide hosting support for dedicated, VPS, Shared Hosting Servers. We always maintain customer empathy and satisfaction with our quality response .A downtime for a site or its email service could mean potential revenue and reputation loss to a website owner and we treasure your concern. Reizend provides 24x7 server monitoring facility for your server so that even a downtime for a server or a service would be fixed in few minutes. Our emergency team handles any needed reboots; interactions with data center technicians; interactions with software vendors and emergency troubleshooting to restore services as soon as possible.

Server Management Support - All fresh internet servers need to be hardened to ensure that, no security vulnerabilities can breach them. A server, with an OS installed recently, will only have the default settings, which is no longer secure when connected to Internet. We assists the hosting providers to pass the Security Checks conducted by Third Party security scanners like PCI scans. We have a dedicated team which performs the security check up and implements the same on client's server. We harden the client's server thereby closing all security holes which include all service vulnerability fixes, service upgradation, performing optimization, securing configuration files, checking changed file permissions etc.

Some of the Security Hardening tasks we perform are as follows:

  • Installing System Integrity Monitor (SIM)
  • Installing CHKRootKit
  • Installing RootKit Hunter
  • Kernel Tuning with sysctl.conf
  • SSH Hardening
  • APF/CSF Firewall
  • Brute Force Detection
  • Secure and Optimize Apache (HTTP)
  • Installing Process Resource Monitor(PRM)
  • MySQL optimization
  • Unwanted packages & unused Services Removal
  • Cleaning up logs
  • Shell Fork Bomb Protection
  • Tmp hardening ( /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)
  • Installing Mod_Security
  • Installing Mod_Evasive
  • S.M.A.R.T Checking of Hard Disks
  • Securing your Php installations

Emergency Tasks - Client websites getting hacked is one among the worst situations, any hosting provider hate to land in. In such difficult scenarios, Reizend assists the hosting provider by offering quick fixes within hours .We have a team to check the hacking issues, thereby restoring the websites back to normal. Spamming is another villain which can change your IPs reputation, within few hours and can stop mailing from your server for long time. We assist the hosting providers, to resolve such issues and recover the server to normal state in a minimal time. Our emergency team can also assist you by providing Bash script for custom tasks in your server which helps you to reduce the manual tasks in a Linux Server.

Feel free to contact Reizend for any emergency support on remote server administration and we are always happy to assist you.


Creating the most intuitive, attractive and creative websites, logos, brochures & company profiles for clients across the globe


Automation & Manual Testing

Legendary testing services to guarantee the release of sustain stable,
reliable and dependable



Web Hosting Support,
24x7 Server Monitoring, Server Management &
Hacking Attacks – Prevention