Enable you to find deeper insights and drive real-time actions


  • How to track your business value chain and see the improvement from manufacturing to distribution till consumption?

  • How to measure the effectiveness of your promotion campaigns?

  • How to compare your brands, sub brands, distributors and routes performance against your set timeline?

If you have these questions, then Reizend's Sales Analytics Solution can help you to answer that.

The Sales Analytics solution from Reizend helps to categorise, understand and predict sales trends and sales predictions. In the process, the solution can point out ways to plug various revenue leaking loopholes too.

Even if the available data is from multiple sources or in a different format, the solution can synchronize your multi-sourced big data into a master data pool, with the help of powerful algorithms. With the help of IT automation, Reizend has played a huge role in assisting firms to process the sales data in the most cost-effective way and in eliminating the classic way of using excel sheets for data analysis. Through the past few years, we have been consistently using our learnt skills to extract, process and analyze data, implementing powerful analytics modules for the Sales departments of some leading business houses.

Reizend’s Sales Analytics delivers value across all 3 core elements of an analytics engagement:

Why Reizend Sales Analytics?

Skilled in extracting data from most complicated systems and networks from multiple locations

In-house hadoop capability

Adaptable and scalable architecture to accommodate future business scenarios

Quick implementation

Real time analytical capability



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